Illustrating L'istesso tempos with note symbols

I’m trying to figure out how to illustrate a L’istesso tempo with two rhythmic note value symbols. I’m moving from 6/8 to 2/2 and I want to be able to show a dotted quarter note symbol equals a half note symbol in the new time signature. The best I can do at the moment is write it in English. I’m attaching a file that shows me using the “h” to show the half note symbol, but the minute I enter another abbreviation for a different value (such as “q.” for a dotted quarter note, both rhythmic symbols disappear. I’m using the tempo pop-up to do this. I can’t seem to do it with the meter pop-up. Any ideas? Thank you all.

This is not doable at this time. If you search for “metric modulation” you will see that the team is aware of this, but that it is not implemented yet.

The work around is to use the Text tool (Shift+X), and copy and paste from the SMuFL website the glyphs to make it look right correct.


Thanks Robby… I deeply appreciate the answer.

I’m glad to know that I wasn’t simply overlooking an answer that was to be found somewhere that I had not looked at yet…


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