iLok 2 plug-ins not being recognised


I’ve just switched from 6.5 (old computer) to 7.01 (new computer; both Windows 7 x64).

My iLok 2 and all my licenses are being recognised on my new computer at, however, I can’t use any of the plug-ins in Cubase … always the same, “iLok can’t be found” :S I’ve installed/uninstalled both the newest iLok driver and client several times …

Am I the first one with this? :S Does anyone have an idea or ran into the same issue?


Don’t think it wil help you much but I had severe problems on my win 7 PC with iLok and CB5.5 as well. I got the same error msgs as you back then. iLok worked perfectly on the XP PC but not under Win7. I was not able to solve it. So I threw the PC out. After switching to Mac there is no problem at all. Same Cubase, Same plugins, Same iLok, but Mac as computer. I’m sure there is a cheper solution than ditching the PC, but even a couple of local computer wiz kids were not able to solve it.

I’ve just now upgraded Autotune7 and it’s iLok licence to native 64bit and it’s working in Cubase 6.0 fine, but then I have the old P shaped iLoks.

I did have a delay with it starting to work, i.e. I had to click on both the Update buttons in the Plugins window, and the first time it didn’t authorise. I think it might have been because I was viewing my iLok licences in IE at the time, so I tried again after a few minutes and it worked that time.

I haven’t managed time to install Cb7 yet, will be doing this in a couple of days.


i have had some weird issues like that on my main pc workstation

i found if you completely uninstall the ilok drivers, remove the ilok, restart, install the latest ilok drivers from pace (without the ilok in the computer). when the computer reboots after the install, put the ilok2 back in (you should see the windows recognize the device then)

so basically, rid the computer of your ilok software/drivers, then re install

Also internet explorer seems to be the most agreeable for win7 ilok2s