iLok 3- use with Cubase Pro 10?

I’ve had to update my iLok to version 3. Some reports suggest this can be used with Cubase.
I’m not ready to upgrade to 11/12 yet with ‘no dongle’ possibility.
Is anyone using iLok w Cubase? I’d prefer not to use multiple dongles of course!

thanks, joe

No. only Steinberg licensing for Steinberg products.

Thanks for your quick response which settles my question,

Just so you’re aware, Steinberg recently announced that the USB eLicenser (“dongle”) will no longer be necessary from Cubase 12 onwards, so you’ll only have the iLok to grapple with from then on.

Thanks Mr Soundman though I’m not ready for C11 or 12 just yet,
all the best, joe