iLok Activation on startup

I removed EW Opus from my system but Dorico still asks my iLok for activation when starting up the app. How do I reset this so it stops asking me?

Presumably Dorico does boot up…Do you have an instance of the Opus VST in your template? If so, remove it and save your template without it in the rack.

Just to add that if I boot up a song which has an instance of Opus in it, but I don’t have my ilok plugged in, the song boots up as normal, but in the VST rack there are exclamation points !! next to the Opus rack entries, signifying that this VST is not functioning because the license cannot be found. Dorico never actually asks me for the ilok, so I’m not sure why you are being asked for it.
If you are simply not using Opus anymore, you could try uninstalling it or manually removing it from your plugin folder.

Are you sure you removed all the Opus components?

Thanks all. Got it sorted. There were some lingering Opus components that had yet to be removed. The specific advice from East West to remove it all is:

First go to Applications > East West and delete the Opus application
Then to remove the plugins, go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ and remove the Opus.component, Opus.vst, and Opus.vst3 from their respective folders.
Then go to /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/ and delete the Opus.aaxplugin file
Then finally go to /Library/Application Support/East West/ and delete the Opus folder there.