ilok can't load protection component? - SOLVED - Launch as admin

To help future fellow users searching for help . . .

Since installing the Windows 10 April update, I had an issue with Cubase pro 9.5 (and other VST hosts) where none of my iLok-protected plugins would validate or instantiate.

“ilok can’t load protection component os error 0x05”

I contacted PACE/iLok support. After providing much information, and running their diagnostics, they said their software was working correctly and i should contact the DAW and plugin developers for further assistance. (Steinberg, Soundtoys, Sony Oxford, TC ELectronic etc).

I was disappointed with iLok/PACE support’s level of knowledge and interest. They seemed to wash their hands of the problem.

After much uninstalling, re-installing, etc, I found the fix/workaround:

Right-click the Cubase icon and choose “Launch as administrator”.

Maybe this is because I have permissions issue on my hard disk? But it’s good to have a workaround.

Now I have adjusted the Cubase executable’s properties>compatibility>always launch as admin, and the plugins work ok.

I hope this helps someone.

May God bless you <3

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3 years later … hello future user! :slight_smile: