ilok instead of elicenser

Suggestion: Steinberg to ditch elicenser and use iLok.
I had ilok usb key for over 10 years and never had any hardware issues with it.
but elicenser usb key I had to replace every 2.5 years or so due to hardware issues.

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No. Thanks.

Why not ? It seems like it’s more reliable

Steinberg will give you zero downtime for free I had to do it once but with ilok they want you to pay for basically the same thing I don’t think it is such a good idea although I understand probably its annoying to have 2 dongles

Cloud is going to replace both

Sorry, but no. I have my present eLicenser key, which is still working as expected, since SL2 days (15 years of reliable service), both for Cubase and Arturia MMV. I am about to replace it, as it seems that the new generation of keys allows an overall improvements for the use of Cubase (both speed and reliability of some functions), but still…

At the same time, the iLok key that I have (which is more recent, something like 8 years old) is dead. I get error messages when attempting to use it, no matter what I try (update attempts, reinstallation of the software part, among others…). Because of this, I am no longer able to use Synthogy Ivory.

Just hope not. I do NOT want to have to be connected to the internet when attempting to use Cubase, or any other installed software on my system, actually…

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If by “reliable” you are speaking about structural integrity, the USB-eLicenser is fairly fragile. That would be my only complaint. Software wise, I haven’t experienced any issues. I own three with multiple licenses. From what I understand, it’s been awhile since any USB-eLicenser protected Cubase version has been cracked.

-1, of course. It works great for its purpose, and come on, Steinberg owns it. What? You think they would ditch the device they own, control and can verify for one they don’t and can’t?

Cloud would be worse than hardware dongle imo

absence of pirated version makes no new users for Cubase. That’s why it falls into a niche (live bands recordings \ movies sound) what makes us pay 150$ per year for updates what is like a yearly subscription.

While most of people are using FL \ Abletone becuase they have some superior features for sounds design and production of electronic music that everybody are listening now.

Like really, nobody cares about rock\live music now. Rap and EDM are huge.

This is complete and utter nonsense. You yourself probably paid for Cubase only because you could no longer source it for “free”, which is a testament to the effectiveness of the the Steinberg/Syncrosoft copy protection.

yeah right, they (Steinberg) are just smarter then Bitwig \ FL Studio \ Abletone \ Reaper \ Logic \ Studio One \ Pro Tools. These companies are so dumb! No wonder why nobody are buying their products! :smiley:

Steinberg are much more successful that’s why we (customers) have to pay 100$ a year for so called upgrades that actually are minor updates.

Without irony: I wouldn’t recommend any of my friends invest into Cubase\Nuendo now. In my country on a beginner\middle level of productions (live bands \ electronic music) it will never payback. Also it’s too much for a one time fee ($800) and there is no payments in instalments.
I am just on the needle and too old and lazy to re-learn. Nevertheless I still need to switch to FL \ Abletone for advanced sounds design because Cubase simply doesn’t belong to Electronic music production niche. And with a flow of time it’ll become even more behind. Because nobody use it for electronic music and nobody do that specific feature requests. People here wants mono-to-stereo tracks and whistles & bells 🤦

Just compare views on new version videos of different DAW and google sound-design tutorials. Numbers are drastically different. And you will likely never found something useful made in Cubase nowadays.

PS: and actually this rant is my butthurt because I realized that I’ve invested into the wrong DAW. Not because of dongle or whatever. Cubase is just not feets my needs.

You’re really just trolling. You can sell your Cubase License, which of course you would if you seriously mean with what you’re saying.

Aren’t you like 30 years old?

again want to stress how bad elicenser is. just got new elicenser usb dongle key and same problems still persist.
cant get any work done on time for past month

I like the idea of being able to walk into any studio and able to load up all my shit from an internet connection anywhere in the world…

Anyways, make sure your USB2 dongle isn’t anywhere near a USB3 port.

Clearly there is a problem with your system. You have tested different dongles, and you have verified that the dongle works on your Windows machine.

whops… looks like Kim Jong Un moved your thread to the Steinberg Lounge.

As mentioned above, make sure USB2 dongle nowhere close to USB3.

Yes I’m 30 and I have baby-duck syndrome: the first thing I’ve learned is the most convenient to me. But if I could turn back time or make a recommendation - there are no way I would recommend Cubase to nayone. Me myself didn’t switch to the other DAW though. I tried all of them (And apparently I wouldn’t try Cubase if I were some other DAW user, because you can’t even run it without the dongle). Let me not say how horribly useless Artist and Elements editions are. Audacity has more functions than them. And any torrent-edition DAW is far ahead.

I’m not trolling, I mean it. And I’m panic too. Easy to you to say “sell Cubase”. I have over 9000 unfinished projects and there is 0% chance I will start recreate them in other DAWs. Because if I will, that will mean I wasted hundreds of hours sitting in Cubase and now I need to spend even more time to transfer stuff to another DAW. Nevertheless all of us knows that even transferring projects between Cubase versions can be the pain.
I have no idea what the developers are aiming for at Steinberg. But I wonder if they keep track of what other companies do?
The more and more music production is moving towards freelance badroom production. But Cubase serves those ancient dinosaurs in fancy studios and don’t care about average users.

Open top100 DJ list and there is like two people that are using Cubase (afaik).
Ditching 32bit plugins while everybody else are doing bridges.
VST still can crash the app.
Set up a midi with bunch of generics - a mess.
virgin zones - abandoned idea
All the other stuff people are talking about for ages here.
And this is happening because Cubase is not for small people. It’s for companies that are doing some serious sh@t: movies, games, TV, commercials.
And all the small people left is to feel proud they are a part of something big and wait. Maybe sometimes their tool will catch up the others.

well obviously. but like what ? what can be the problem when i reinstalled elicenser few times, got new dongle, trashed preferences.
ilok works without problems tho

Sorry, I’m not a Mac technician.