ILOK Plugins Taking Long To Load

I have found that occasionally my ilok plugins take long to load. The only thing that TEMPORARILY fixes this is I uninstall the Pace ILOK software and reinstall it and then they load in a snap. This works for a day or two and then it’s back to taking long to load. No rhyme or reason. Anyone come across this have any suggestions? Thanks!

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yes here its the same.
soundtoys, slate load soooo long. like minutes. win10, c12.
didnt have anything like that on mac

I’m having the same problem here. My iLok plugins take really really long to load in Cubase.
I uninstall the PACE software, reinstall it, and then everything loads fast.

BUT THEN, after a few days, it’s back to slow-loading again!

Really need a solution for this, this is driving me nuts!

(Hopefully you are reporting this to ilok support or the plugin authors)

just sent one to the iLok PACE guys side. Will update here as soon as I get a reply.

In the meantime, what actually works for me, on Windows 10, is that I have to manually restart the PACE service.

Go to Task Manager, right-click on “PACE License Service” - and click “End Task”. It’ll then restart itself. Try opening your projects again - it’ll be quick this time.

However, I’m not satisfied with always having to manually restart the PACE License Service - it’s really not how I want to be able to work with.

I’ll update this section as I get more answers from PACE.

Okay, based on pretty good instructions from PACE -

The steps on how to proceed with a diagnostic/selective startup are:

  1. Click the Start button

  2. Type “msconfig” (minus the quotes) and DO NOT hit enter

  3. Right-click “msconfig.exe” (or “System Configuration” in on Windows 10) that should appear as the first item on the list and choose “Run as administrator. If prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation

  4. Click the General tab and then click Diagnostic startup

  5. Click the Services tab and then the “Hide all Microsoft services checkbox at the bottom

  6. Click on the Disable all button to the right if available to be clicked. If not, proceed with the next step

  7. Under the listing of Services, look for “PACE License Services” and check on that service to enable it (if found. If not continue with the steps anyways)

  8. Click the Startup tab and then click the Disable all button to the right (or if on Windows 10 choose “Open Task Manager”)

8a) If on Windows 10 for each item listed with a status of “Enabled”, select it and click on the “Disable” button to temporarily disable that service. Do this for every enabled service. If services are not visible, click on the “More details” wording at the bottom of the Task Manager to expand it allowing you to click on the “Services” tab.

  1. Going back to the System Configuration window, Click OK and then click Restart

  2. Once back from the restart try reproducing the issue

  3. If no error, start from step 1 above and enable half of the previously disabled items

  4. Reboot and try to reproduce the issue

  5. If still no error, enable half of the other disabled items. Continue this until all items are enabled again or the error occurs

  6. If error occurs, disable half of the items just enabled and then try to reproduce. If error occurs still disable a few more until the error does not occur. Keep doing this process until the problem item is found.

  7. To get back to normal follow the steps again up to #4 but instead of “Diagnostic Startup” choose “Normal Startup”.

There are also several other copy protection technologies running at the same time on your system. Although we attempt compatibility with other solutions, others may not offer that same courtesy causing issues with the operation of our technology.

I followed PACE’s instructions, and I found out my unique problem.

Turns out I have this service process called “Codemeter Runtime Service”. It must have gotten installed by other 3rd party software I have installed previously. Codemeter is basically another licensing protocol that is similar to PACE. It must have been not playing nice, and interfering with PACE’s operations. This explains why PACE plugins take so long to load, and I had to keep restarting PACE.

So what I did, was to delete and uninstall Codemeter Runtime Service, then uninstall PACE. Reboot. Reinstall PACE with admin rights. Reboot again.

I’ve left Cubase on for the last 10 hours, and so far I’ve managed to load alot of projects quickly, and there was no PACE plugin loading lag.

I think I’ve solved my problem. For those who are having the same issues, I suggest you try PACE’s instructions above and see which 3rd party software service on your computer that could be interfering with PACE.

Thats great info! Did you wait until the plugins were taking long to load to start trying these steps? I usually have clients sitting with me when i run into this issue so it makes it tough to completely stop a session to troubleshoot. I will check if I have that same software installed on my system that you have becasue that Code Meter thing sounds familiar.

Haha, nope. Thankfully, either I start up my session (along with the painful loading time) ALWAYS before a client comes in, or I usually don’t have that much clients coming in in person because alot of work nowadays can be done remotely.

But ultimately, i think regardless of what your 3rd-party interference is, it’s best to just restart the PACE service before loading a project.

Win 10 ,C12 here and all my Iloks load as they should

Antares switched from Ilok to Codemeter in 2019 or thereabouts. Anyone with Antares products installed (Autotune etc.) will have Codemeter present on their system.

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:thinking: Thats right. Im gonna do some more troubleshooting. Right now everything is loading fine.

That’s really good to know. Thankfully I don’t use Antares, it must have been installed by some other manufacturer. But so far, no other plugin problems on my end after uninstalling Codemeter.

Good to know that you’ve solved the problem. I’m sure there are other vendors out there using Codemeter, Antares was the most obvious one I could think of.