iLok V1 Not Supported?? VST v 2.3 Not Supported?! C'mon!

I haven’t posted much since the old forum, was LFO there too. Looking at the new Cubase 7 and on top of performance issues my collaborator is having I am dismayed to see that iLok V1 and VST v2.3 is not supported. What is the matter with you people, Steinberg? I have to go replace 2 iLoks and lose VSTs because you won’t support them? I love the MIDI editing in Cubase, but I gotta say I hate the rest of the program more and more. And I hate that it is that way.

All my VST 2.3 plugs are working great in C7.

Didn’t Helge or someone else from Steinberg recently say that the VST 2.3 and iLok 1 situation was pretty much the same as in Cubase 6?

You don’t have to replace anything…

If it was, I don’t remember it being published widely. Point is, neither tech is that old and is still widely used. Pulling support just plain sucks. My friend who I work with upgraded right away, (despite me begging not to, Cubase x.0 always, always is a train wreck) is having VST plugin scan issues, several if not all are 2.3 VSTs. I can hear Steinberg now `We don’t support these old plug-ins anymore’. We’ll see what his support ticket response is.

I’m not going to suggest there isn’t a problem here… but in my case I can verify that I am using an iLok 1 key with plugins from Celemony, Antares, Izotope, EastWest and AudioEase in Cubase 7 (64 bit mac) without issue. I’m also using Focusrite LiquidMix (VST 2.3 - via the 32 bit bridge). My old projects are opening and seem to be working fine.

That is helpful Leo. I went ahead and downloaded 7 and did some testing yesterday. I have several of the same VSTis you have. Play, Arturia, NI, etc. None of them, nor the iLok v1 have caused problems. The only issue I have so far is with Firebird+. It works fine in 6.5, but is crashing in 7. Not sure why yet. Firebird + is based on VST 2.3, so I won’t get any help from SB. shrug Odd thing is, I could use Firebird + in 6.5 and not have the issues others were having with it. Now in 7 it breaks. I’m going to throw it into JBridge tonight and see if that resolves the issue.

The guy I am collaborating with received his iLok 2 and he moved all of this licenses to it. All issues with Cubase were resolved. So, I guess if too many issues start cropping up a move will have to be made. Too bad, as iLok 1 is rock solid otherwise, (not so much with iLok2 from what I have read) and I’d rather no spend $50 on it. Oh well…