Ilok website down Cubase 12 won't proceed past scanning plugins

I guess my question is why the f*** is this my problem? Why can I not use Cubase because Ilok has an issue?


Makes no sense to me. Do you have anything in your iLock license at all?

Certainly; doesn’t everyone? This wouldn’t be quite as infuriating if I could just use Cubase without the plugins affected by the outage.

I still use an iLok dongle for a few things. I haven’t had that experience before with Cubase though. I would think the plugin itself would just not work.

You did give me an idea, on the crash page, you’re given the option to disable third-party plugins, and checking it allowed Cubase to go ahead and boot up.
So I can’t really do much as far as work on anything that uses plugins, but I can do something!

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I don’t use the cloud, all my plugins are on my physical iLok. I can’t open any of my DAWS as they all fail the iLok licence checks. Granted I could disable them all but thats a good 70% of my template plugins!

The iLok was synced only a few days ago so my ZDT & all licenses are good for at least another 70+ days. Whats the point of having the dongle if I can’t use my plugs in when the service is down/system offline?

Completely defeats the object of having a USB dongle!

I’m not really sure how I ever got involved with the ilok cloud. I don’t remember ever agreeing to it per se.
But I looked on their website and it says you don’t have to use it, so going forward I will certainly not!

Surely this is not a Cubase issue? When iLok’s website is back up, just sign in to the iLok License Manager and transfer all your activations from iLok Cloud to your USB iLok.