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I’m thinking of buying the EWQL composers collection. It says I’ll need an iLOk key. Well, I was wondering if I can just use the eLicencer key, or is that only for official steinberg releases?

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iLok and eLicenser are different USB keys.

If the software requires iLok, you can’t unlock it onto a Steinberg key.

(The Steinberg key is not completely “Steinberg only”. Arturia also uses this key, for example. The iLok key is needed for Waves plug-ins, UVI SoundSource, Synthogy or Celemony, just to mention a few. If you decide to buy an iLok key, make sure to get the newer one. It is smaller and will not physically collide with other keys in a row).

you have to buy ilok2 USB key (don’t buy ilok1 key cause all x64 plugins use this USB key “protection” gonna be ilok2 only)

Cheers for the help guys.


Also, just wanted to add that iLOK2 works just fine with eLicenser dongles.
I have 2 eLicenser, an iLOK, an iLOK2, an MLP Lossless, 2 Sonic Solutions and a SSL CodeMeter key - all work together just fine here.
The bulk of my keys are on a powered USB hub connected to a root hub, and the 2 iLOK keys are connected directly to the root hub in the back of the system (both on the same one) because I read somewhere you might get issues with iLOK2 on a hub and I did not want to take any chances - it may well be duff information, but why risk it!