iloud bluetooth speaker

I just bought the ikmultimedia iloud bluetooth speaker hoping to be able to listen to my sequencing and mixing on my laptop via bluetooth using cubase 7.5, however I have not been able to do this and have had to use the audio cable between the laptop and the iloud speaker. Interestingly, when I play back a music notation finale file that works OK via bluetooth. Any suggerstions/comments would be helpful.

Aloha f,

As SampleTank user I checked the IK site/forums and could not find any answers to this prob.

Perhaps try opening a ‘Support Ticket’ [there] to see what the IK folks have to say
about this product not working with Cubase but working with other DAWs? (Finalé)

Good Luck!

Not sure if you are Windows or OSX but this could be a driver issue.
If Windows, you need an ASIO device driver which I doubt the Bluetooth driver is capable of. I can’t say much about the OSX.