Ilya2k's Autohotkey script for the CMC-QC

Please can anyone dig out and share the link to ilya2k’s Autohotkey script for the CMC-QC?

YouTube - Ilya’s CMC Autohokey script

The link on the YouTube video seems non functional

Would be keeping this product alive

Many thanks!

Here you go!


Many thanks Steve!

May I ask, have you used it recently? Does it work ok?

I am on Windows 11, Cubase 12 and thinking about , buying one of these bits of hardware, especially with the extra features demonstrated from the video.

No, I never used it. I just had a look at the url on YouTube and fished out the direct link to the website page.

It looks interesting.

I tried using Autohotkey back at that time (6 years ago) to receive and parse midi, but I never succeeded in getting the ahk midi library to work, though apparently others had, according to the interwebs.

I ended up using Bome Midi Translator, which I bought and is the right tool for the job, since it provides the midi ports and scripting of its own.

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Ahhh… I have Bomes. Sorry to ask another favour but I don’t want to program from scratch and it may help others… do you have a Bomes Translator file for the CMC-QC available to share?

Sorry, no… it does stuff specifically for my workflow, so it would not be helpful to you.

Fair enough. Thanks very much anyway!