I'm a Happy Man

Here’s a new one. Kind of corny…

Having a lot of fun with this cubase 7 trial.

Don’t know the category of this song.


i guess you would just call it ‘acoustic’ ??

I think your the Noel Coward of Cubase…your lyrics are always good, in this song your phrasing was particularly interesting…and what a nice gentle production!!!
big marks for this song …Kevin


like this relaxing smooth song :slight_smile:

In between there is a - I feel - strange change in the tune. Probably your style of music :wink:

Very good support of the strings - does not interfere with the main voices.

Thanks :exclamation:


Joe, you have the smoothest voice man :sunglasses: What did you do to the acoustic? Its leaves a nice central “cup” for the vocal to sit in. Almost sounds phase flipped. Recorded in stereo?

Funny lyrics :laughing: Good work as always :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

certainly brought a :slight_smile: to my face .how do you record the acoustic , it sounds very clean .

Hey everyone, appreciate the comments and critiques.

I recorded my acoustic and vocal into a Studio project CS5 on cardioid setting in my kitchen. Duplicated the guitar track twice and reversed the phase of one of copies and panned both copied tracks left and right and the original in the middle. Then I applied some of cubase eq presets. That’s about it.

Thanks for the info man! Interesting to know what other folk are doing :smiley: Kitchens have good tonality’s from what I hear here :laughing:

Keep the good tunes a rollin’ :laughing:

Very interesting lyrics and a good feeling song. You are an excellent guitar player and song writer. Michael.

Thanks Michael.

Thanks for the explanation of your recording technique. Thanks for the song, too! I really do love your playing. I’m partial to guitar. But I love your singing too. Conveys a certain attitude that I appreciate. If Randy Newman played guitar, this would be a Randy Newman song.

Really appreciate that as I’m a huge fan of Randy Newman.

Sounds like a “poor man’s” version of Middle-Side :laughing:

LOVE the strings – sounds like they were orchestrated by Klaus Ogermann (A.C. Jobim’s legendary orchestrator)