I'm an Idiot: Quantize Lengths in 7.5; one other

And new. I have an imported MIDI track with hundreds of eight-notes in arpeggios that I need to quantize their length to 1/8, as currently there is random and substantial overlap of each note (e.g., actually ~dotted eights in length). I have set Quantize Lengths to “1/8”, drag-selected all the notes I wish to change, and then hit “Quantize Lengths” in the inspector, and nothing happens. I’ve wasted (no joke) 4 hours reading, searching forums, trying to make this work. What simple thing am I missing?

Other question: In a MIDI track in the main display the track is shaded with the box that allows you to drag its right and left ends to change the start and end of the take (clip). That box is labeled in the upper left corner with the name of the original instrument that was named when the track was created. (If you double-click the track and open the key editor, the same name appears in the top, left at time How do I change that label (e.g., from “Piano” to “Strings”). I’ve reassigned the track to another VI, and the name that Cubase stuck there is no longer appropriate), but cannot find WHERE this name is set/controlled.


The notes’ lengths are already quantized. The command you need is Fixed Lengths.

Hey HighConcept,

I too must be an idiot.
Having the same issue with name label in key editor.
Noticed you had a reply about the quantizing but nothing about the name problem.
You solved it yet? or anyone out there able to help these two idiots.

You can use the info line to do your event renaming…probably you have it hidden.

Thanks for both pointers. I’ve been traveling with no chance to try and report.

Thanks Grim you were spot on. Info line was turned off, such a simple fix. Many thanks