I'm getting 'Cubase 13 failed to install due to unknown error' message - HELP!

Dear Anyone.
Please remember when you answer that I’ve never used Cubase before, I know Windows 10 FAIRLY well but am by no means a geek(!) and I’ve no idea where it’s downloaded the manual installer TO! (And it’s my first try at understanding Modern Music Software of any kind, which prob. don’t help, I’m a Quick Score Elite Level 2 freak!)

Hokay, here’s what happened when I tried to install the free-for-60-days version of Cubase 13… (hope the pic. comes through.)

It’s a .URL in brackets, hope it becomes a picture on posting. Anyway. I didn’t specify any folders and I’ve no idea where the ‘specified folder’ is. I’ve got 80gig spare on my hard drive after installing HALion, surely that’s enough? If it ISN’T, I’ve got an EXTERNAL hard drive with 1.5TB spare on it, how do I tell the download installer to install to the external hard drive?

Final question on the subject. I’ve only downloaded HALlion because I thought trying to download the rest of all that stuff would overfill the C drive. Is there any way to make it install all the rest of it, Padshop etc., on an external drive (Drive G it comes up as because I’ve got my old music software on Drive D - I’ve got Drives C:, E:, and G:, D’s the DVD/CD drive.)

All solutions will be attempted. I can handle geek-speak FAIRLY well, might have to Google sometimes, if I DO and don’t understand what I’ve Googled, is it OK to be honest and come back and say so? I wanna have a go at 13 to see if I understand it before I buy it!

Last thing and it’s an addendum to the above - I’ve got a legit. version of Sampletank 4 and everything that goes with it. It’s installed on the external hard drive, Drive E: (that’s the one with 1.5TB spare on it.) Can I use Sampletank 4 with Cubase, or can Cubase ONLY use Steinberg stuff, not anybody else’s? (I’m NOT decrying Steinberg software in any way, it’s just I had a year nightmare trying to use Reason once - the only way to use 3rd party stuff was through Dr. Rex, the drum slicer!)

Yours hopefully


Same issue occurring for me. Srteinberg support, could you please advise? F

Welcome to the Forum

This is a user forum, not the Steinberg support. If you would like to get an answer from support you need to open a ticket.

On what Operating System and Release are you? Did you install the latest Download Assistant and what error message does it show.

Hi @ulrichburke.

In brief :

If you haven’t changed the default downloads location, the installer will be located in the default Download folder in a Steinberg folder created during the download.

Alternatively, in the Steinberg Download Assistant, press the drop down arrow located to the right of the install button, and select “Show In Explorer” or “Open File Location”, can’t remember the wording exactly.

Now move or copy the installer to the Desktop and run it as Administrator.

In the installer Window, you can customise the install location (Bottom right where it shows you the install path).

How I do this is by clicking in the text and using the left arrow key on the keyboard and scrolling all the way to the left to replace the C (letter only) with the drive letter of choice. I do a more personalised install, but this is the simplest way.

If the installer has other files to install that you would like installed elsewhere, you need to select each one individually to charge install location using the method described above.

Note: Some files will default to the C drive only.

As for the sound libraries, you can set the default location in the Steinberg Library Manager (SLM).

Hope this helps.
Good luck.