I'm having trouble getting my licencse for Cubase 12

Hello, I’ve updated to Cubase 11 in November 30, which means I’m suppose to get the grace period for updating to Cubase 12. I’ve been following all the steps that I could find but I still don’t seem to get where do I get my license.

Have you looked here: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/115001891190-How-to-verify-eligibility-for-free-Grace-Period-update-

I have and when I’m doing Grace Period Check on the license manager it shows no License

Same here. Cubase license activated on 2021-11-25. Grace period check says “No licenses found”. Latest eLCC and Activation Manager installed.

same, please help :sweat_smile:

Same here, I activated C11 on 11/11/2021, tried the Grace Period Check, no result, and now my C11 license is gone from eLicenser and Cubase complains about no license when I start it.
Lovely. i should’ve know better than to try that on day one of the C12 release. Seems like their eLicenser servers are dead again…

What do you see in eLicenser Control Center when you run the maintenance task?

For some reason I have 3 faild tasks, I don’t remember what they are but it’s the first the fifth and the sixth