I'm having trouble understanding my AKAI MPK261 controller

Just purchased an APK261 controller but I struggle getting decent use out it.
I’ve added the “generic controller” and loaded the AKAI XML template, but that just maps the faders and knobs to the mixer (i’ve got artists transport and mix for that)
I can ofcourse map it to the quickcontrols and have those eight knobs sort of meet my vst plugins, or I can use the control editor to use the MPK261 presets and map my top 10 plugins to a preset.
All not what I want to.

It seems (but maybe I’m wrong) this is just a “dumb” controller, the knobs send out a cc and a combination of knobs/cc’s can be saved in a preset.
But there is no inteligence at all switching mapping depending on the focus of the plugin.
This is a €499 controller, but does NOTHING more than a €150 M-AUDIO
I couldn’t care less for bundled software. The keyboard is nicely robust and it has 16 decent pads which nicely match the cubase drumpads, but that’s about is.
For the same price i can exchange to a 61 keys NEKTAR Panorama, or half the price to a NOVATION Impulse 61 with automap, both seem a lot more inteligent.
IMHO the MPK261 should have been €249,00 WITHOUT crappy software.
Maybe I’m missing something but for €499 i’m severely underwhelmed.
Am I overlooking something? Or should I exchange it?

what is exactly your problem with the controller?

I don’t understand it’s intended workflow
They keys are fine, the pads are fine
But how can I map the rotaries faders and knobs to follow the focus plugin, without changing presets on the mpk or control settings in Cubase.
I know how to make “permanent” mappng via the control editor, but want something “on the fly”


I don’t think you can make it control the focused plugin.
You would need mackie protocol for that.

You can map the knobs to quick controls. Transport functions should be easy to map. Maybe some functions or commands you use often for the buttons.

That’s how I used the MPK25.

Yeah, for now I use the “generic editor”
And have added several plugin presets.
This means i leave the MKP on the same preset, but depening on what I select in the pull down menu in cubase I control a certain plugin.
The quick control is to limited, then i use the 8 rotaries and not the rest.
I really LOVE the 16 pads though and the keybed is fine too.
At least I’m convinced now that working without controller middleware on the daw is a good thing.
The MPK261 is fully programmable from it’s own interface