I'm helpless about activation restrictions

Why did Steinberg punish me so severely? Due to irrevocable activation restrictions, I have no software available at all! My cubase12pro is broken! I really need your help ID: 275486627@qq.com

I hope the official can improve the activation function and solve my problem!

Dear manager! Because my previous computer was lost, now I need to reactivate cubase12pro and replace it with a new computer. However, when I open the activation assistant, you will be prompted that you have reached the activation limit. I checked my other computers, but they are not licensed! Because of activation restrictions, I have no available programs now! What should I do? I need your help! Thank you. ID 275486627@qq.com

I’m very disappointed with Steinberg

Have you raised a support ticket via the website? Some countries have a telephone number for support too which is more immediate.

I’ll tag in @Matthias_Quellmann as you’re stuck. It seems that a few people are experiencing issues and being Steinberg staff i’ve seen he has helped reset them via the forum. Hopefully he see’s this. (German time zone though)

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Thank you. The problem has been solved. I have returned it to cubase11pro for work reasons