I'm Hoping....

…that 7.0.6 will allow me to rescan for MIDI controllers that are switched on whilst Cubase is running. It’s a pain to shut down Cubase, then start it up again to find the controller.

It’s too late for that now I guess, but hope springs eternal.

+1, but I think I read somewhere that this is Windows thing, and it does work on MAC… But I hope i´m wrong and there´s a workaround for this.

AFAIK Cubase does not rescan midi, it only grabs what the operating system gives it. On Mac this seems to work better. Also on Mac, you can use a system utilty called Audio Midi Setup to refresh the midi ports, and then Cubase sees those devices.

I doubt anything has changed regarding this for 7.0.6. Very annoying for Windows users.

Or you could get into the habit of turning ON everything, including MIDI controllers, before turning ON the system.

Thankfully, my audio interface comes with MIDI connectors and thus I am able to turn ON/OFF my MIDI controller while running Cubase at any time without issues. That’s another option if you happen to own an audio interface with MIDI connectors.

Hi All

Don’t know if this is any help at all to anyone, but for quite a while I used Bome’s Midi Translator, which sits in the task bar and the midi would be routed through that, occasionally my midi controller(Keystation Pro88) would lose connectivity and just unplugging and replugging it would work fine, this was because Midi Translator(or whatever) seemed to be able to do this on the fly, whereas straight into Cubase I needed to restart C7. Don’t use it ATM and only have the one controller so…no real problem but it might help someone!

This is an excellent discipline.

I know that. That’s what I DO.
Guess I’m just not perfect.

I used to forget to turn my CC121 on all the time, forcing me to quit Cubase, turn it on and reload Cubase…
Then I got a Mac, which doesn’t care when you turn it on :slight_smile:

Yep, Mac beats Windows on this one.

I too power all peripherals before booting the system. The UR28M however is true P&P and can be turned on and off at will without any glitches while the PC is running - so it can be done - if the driver programmers would get their act together as the UR programmers apparently did. :wink:

To me this is a non-issue. My MIDI controllers are all switched on when I use the studio. All but my 88-key keyboard don’t even need any power, they draw it from the USB port. One switch and all I need is on. Why would anyone want to switch controllers on and off while working? :unamused:

And again: it isn’t a windows thing.
There are applications which offer rescanning devices. There even are apps that handle plugnplay notifications when midi driver is added and adds them automatically.

It’s not a windows thing, it’s a developer thing.

Yeap! I have several of my studio gear plugged into a Furman Power Conditioner, which I use more as a power switch than a conditioner, lol. That takes care of those items with one switch, making the process easier. After that I turn ON my speaker monitors and then my computers. It takes longer than it should only because I keep all my computers in an adjacent room in order to lower the noise floor in my studio. But it is totally worth it since doing hat made a BIG difference (even with “whisper quiet” computers). It’s one of those things you don’t notice until you actually do it, but I digress.