I'm Just A Poor Boy

“I’m Just A Poor Boy” is my may 2017 song. As always, I have completed the writing, full performance, and mixing. Please feel free to hit on any thing.


I’m just a poor boy - I'm Just A Poor Boy by Terry Carroll | ReverbNation

I was born in a poor man’s home
From a poor man’s life
With a poor mans wife
I was born a poor American Child
Never had much, or any thing nice
Each day I woke, I paid the price
Yeah - Being poor was seen as trouble and wild


I’m just a poor boy
Searching for a way
To find Truth and meaning
And live another day
I’m just a poor boy
That’s putting up a fight
As long as I’m breathing
I will be doing alright [

I was on the wrong road of life
The wrong road to know
The right way to go
I shared a web with unscrupulous liars
Living on hope, and searching for truth
Caught in a lie, most of my youth
Yeah nothing seemed to gain my needed desire

Repeat chorus

There’s no stopping
I’m not giving in
There’s plenty to life and ways to win.

Repeat chorus

Thanks for posting this. It’s a wonderful addition to the series. Keep us aware of your next additions. Loved it.

Good song with an interesting arrangement, the width dropping in and out is a nice touch. It could do with a remix to sort out the bottom end (or lack thereof) there’s very little energy below 120Hz. The song would sound much better with a good wallop of bass, beef up the kick drum, lower piano notes and the bass part itself would sound a lot better if you saturate it a bit, try the “glued” preset in Cubase’s Bass VST as a starting point to add some weight, could mix it in parallel with the current sound which will work well on small speakers.