I'm new here, and I need help. Can't hear anything in Cubase

I just got the trial version of Cubase yesterday, and I have been on the internet this entire time trying to find a fix for this. I have found nothing.
I’m trying to record my electric guitar. I have it plugged into my Scarlett Solo audio interface, the red light is turned on, and it’s selected as the ASIO Driver. My audio input/output channels are selected correctly. I’ve even tried switching them around.
I should mention that I’ve got cubase to detect my guitar, and I can see the lines moving up and down when I play. But it’s only one side, and I can’t hear it. It’s on the Stereo input channel, so I can’t monitor it, either. I can’t get it to record anything, either.
Help would be appreciated. Thank you.

For a fast result:
In the Project window create a new audio track (menu Project -> Add track -> Audio).
In the following dialog select your stereo input as the input and your stereo output as the output.
Record on that channel.
To be able to hear the guitar, click the little speaker icon on the audio track.Screenshot 2020-12-20 183007

After your done and you want to playback your recording you have to deactivate the speaker symbol again.

The additional proper way:
Your guitar is a mono instrument, therefore you usually record mono only.
Press F4 to bring up the audio connection window.
Go to “Inputs” tab and find the current “Stereo Input” bus.
Right click that bus and choose the last item of the context menu to delete it.
Afterwards click the button above it “Add Bus” and choose to add a mono input. Assign it to Input 1 of your Scarlett (if guitar was previously on the left side) or Input 2 (if it was on the right side).

Afterwards continue with my previous advice but create only a mono audio track and connect it to your newly created input bus.