I'm Noob to this, but can you help please? :)

greetings, i just bought Cubase Pro 9 as an upgrade to my Cubase elements 7 but i cannot activate it, i receive the following stuff:

  • when i try to activate in e-licenser before running the program, i receive as in the attachment (CU1)

  • when i try to open the program it says that it has to be activated, and when i press activate i receive as in the attachment (CU2):


  • it is 100% that i bought the upgrade from se,ai,le,elements version.
  • i dont have a USB licenser, only the soft elicenser.

please, ur help is so much needed in this.

You need the USB elicenser.

Only Elements can run using the soft eLicenser, so if you want to upgrade to Artist or Pro you need the USB. Then move your current Elements license onto the USB & perform the update.

thank you so much for ur replies, it is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

so now i have to purchase the dongle (the USB) as a hardware, right ?

Yes, exactly.