I'm not receiving any emails with download links (I checked the spam folder)

On Monday the 25th I submitted the requested info so I could purchase Cubase Elements 11 at education pricing, but I got no follow-up email or instructions. I waited a few days and tried to download the free trial so I could knock this week’s class assignment out, but I’m not getting any emails with the download links/activation codes for the free trial either.

I’ve tried a few different emails (in case there were any filters on my school email that I wasn’t aware of), I checked the spam folders in each email, but nothing is there. If I do a search the only email I have from Steinberg is for the email verification.

I also tried to contact support directly but it just gets stuck loading the page and saying “Waiting…”

I’d appreciate any help. I don’t want to miss the first assignment of the semester!


One thing you might do if you haven’t already is create an email with a giant provider, and use that instead.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the quick reply! I tried that as well, using a gmail email. Same issue, where I got the account verification email just fine, but when I click for the trial, it says it sent, but it never shows up.

I just tried, trial email showed up in 2 minutes. I’m in the US, my provider is Comcast.

Thanks Steve.

It looks like mine took a bit longer. I got the trial email now. Still nothing on the education one, but I guess I can just purchase a non-discounted version if that doesn’t work out!

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