I'm offering free orchestral mock up lessons


This seems like the right place to post this. Creating a compelling orchestral mock up for video game music or film score for example requires a great knowledge of music and the inner workings of an orchestra. I graduated with my Masters in orchestral performance as a horn player and am currently a professional orchestral musician. As such I have the first hand experience of being in an orchestra to know everything you want to know about how to make this sound or how to make an instrument sound like this. I’ve also created several mock ups myself for composition classes when I was in school and know how to make mock ups.

Unfortunately I do not have the resources to produce a mock up now that I’m out of school and I have some compositions I would like mocked up. So for anyone who has Cubase or Logic with any reputable midi like East West or LASS libraries that wants to get into or learn more about orchestra mock ups I will teach you how to mock up an orchestral score and teach you about the orchestra through mocking up one of my scores.

The current one I have is only 1:20 in length and I have the midi data for you to easily import all the midi data so we can get straight to mocking up.

If you are interested in this opportunity for us to help each other out please reply here or at my email lemmelmatt@gmail.com


pm me the project if you like kupo. How many instruments are you using?