I'm sorry. I can't stand dark mode

I find dark mode awful and I can’t feel confortable
no matter how much I try. I have to strain too mutch the eyes.

So I would ask to steinberg please, don’t force me to it, at least let me choose if I want light mode or not. What a mistake man!
This is like reinventing the wheel. Dark mode is not for everyone you know!

If you make light mode available I promise to buy the upgrade from my cubase 5.


Out of curiosity, what do you mean by “dark mode” is there a setting somewhere or something specific?

I mean the user interface

But is there a “mode”? Dark mode normally refers to a collection of UI settings. Cubase has a color picker and a few recommended colors but I don’t think it has an actual dark mode.

It would be a good idea if they created an actual dark mode which means multiple settings would be optimized for low-light viewing. They don’t have that.

Well, i’m sorry if I didn’t call it right. But the UI is dark right? Compare it to cubase 5 to see what I mean.

My UI is not dark. It’s sometimes this:

Steinberg offers the ability to change the color of some surface areas including the ability to make it dark. However, unfortunately, there is no actual dark mode in Cubase.

Dark Mode in Jetbrains
There’s a software development environment known as Jetbrains. They do a nice job with their “dark mode”. It changes the surface color and UI text color and buttons colors all together. The entirety of this optimized for low light viewing. This would count as an actual dark mode.

This area allows you to change some surface colors. It comes with restrictions.

My UI looks like this:

However, I wish Cubase would look better out of the box…