I'm thinking this was worth the wait


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Aloha W,

Very impressive!

We happen to be researching expanding into the video arena
later this year (with partners) and three, count um’ three.
4k video monitors has the vid crew drooling already.

But at what price?
Watch for trolls on this thread


Yes, the new Mac Pro is powerful little cylinder :laughing:

I’m going to evaluate getting one once they begin shipping, later this year. One thing for sure, they won’t be cheap !

I will have to evaluate the New Mac Pro, and compare it to PC-Workstations, and then decide which direction to head. My 2006 Mac Pro is stuck in OSX-Lion, since Apple does not support it with the newer OSX versions. So, I know I will need to move forward after using this machine for 7 years. The New Mac Pro will offer OSX-Mavericks , USB3 , TB2 , and lots of computing, and graphics power. Which I feel is more advantageous for Video/Graphics/Animation type applications than Music Production. But I’m also interested in the fascinating world of combining music with Computer Graphics, Animation, Video Editing, …etc.

Good time ahead.


Now I know what Windows 9 trash bin will look like!

:laughing: Hah, that’s pretty funny

  • 1.000.10000.00000000000000000.000000000000000000000000000000000
    bring back the zx spectrum !!!

Till Apple buys out Intel. :slight_smile:

No that’s wrong…

Till Samsung buys out Sony

No wait till…

Oracle buys out Sun
no that happened already…

I’ve got it now …

Till Canada buys ‘oot’ America… yea that’s the ticket.

‘Kick Starter’ anyone? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I doubt Apple can afford Intel, even with their high price margins :sunglasses:

Saw a PBS special on Intel. It’s beginnings, philosophy etc.

The real start of Silicon Valley.

Fascinating. Impressive.

The real ‘star’ of the tech world.

They were the first guys to recognize that if the engineers did not
wash their hands after using the loo,
the pee could affect the work.

Led to ‘clean room’ technology.
Now that ‘s geek!

You mean the work that Bell Labs did in New Jersey? Does the name “William Shockley” mean anything to you?

Yeah, that’s right. New Jersey.

Now that’s geek!

Correct. That was all in this PBS special.

Since Cubase thrives on floating point performance this computer looks like it goes a very long way in feeding that need

If personal computer history interests you, “Fire In The Valley” is a must read. :wink:

A few weeks ago I was at a GIG and happened to meet an older guy who had been involved in IT before he retired. His name was John Draper - as my eyes widened when he introduced himself he laughed and said no “that” John Draper - well at least so he said… :laughing:

As you may know, Apple’s Mac OS X 10.9 has just been released. Currently we are testing all Steinberg products for OS X 10.9 compatibility. The testing is still going on, so we cannot provide you with the final results.

However, what is known so far is that all Steinberg software products (except for Cubase LE / AI / Elements 7.0.6) are affected by an issue with the CoreAudio2ASIO component when using audio hardware in class-compliant mode which may lead to dangerous digital noise. Some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated as well to ensure full compatibility with the new OS X version. We therefore recommend you not to upgrade to OS X 10.9 yet.*

We are already working on updates for affected products in order to make them available as soon as possible. We will keep you up to date. Please continue to visit http://www.steinberg.net for news and updates.

*In case you are using Cubase 7 and want to update to OS X 10.9 anyway, please make sure to deactivate the “Display have separate Spaces” option in the Mission Control Preferences.



A major ‘Mahalo’ for that report J.
‘Standing by’.