I'm trying to import an XML file from Sibelius with piano parts. But I can't find the sustain pedal

I’m trying to import an XML file from Sibelius with piano parts. But I can’t find the sustain pedal. How to do it? The midi import imports the sustain pedal, but the notation transfers are not perfect. Xml is superior from this point of view, but without the sustain pedal…

Anyone know the answer?

Open your xml in a text editor and search for ‘pedal’. If it’s there, then Sibelius is exporting the token.

I have no problem importing pedal lines from MuseScore xml’s into Dorico, but can’t check Sibelius exports just now.

I can’t see. There is a possibility that Sibelius will not export the pedal. It’s silly.

Certainly the latest version of Sibelius exports pedal lines in MusicXML just fine, and Dorico 3.5.12 imports them just fine. What version of Sibelius are you exporting from?

  1. But I believe the problem is with Pro Tools, which doesn’t send the pedal to Sibelius. I have to look at that. Sorry for the inaccuracy. I will get back to you.

Ok, I do have the sustain codes in Sibelius 2919, so the pedal is there. But once in Dorico 3, 5.12 via XML, no pedal.

If there are only MIDI message text items in Sibelius rather than an actual pedal marking, then the MusicXML file won’t contain any pedal markings. Sibelius doesn’t automatically convert MIDI messages for the sustain pedal into pedal markings, and if there are no pedal markings in the score, there will be no pedal markings in the MusicXML.

Dorico, on the other hand, automatically creates pedal markings based on sustain pedal MIDI controllers when importing MIDI, so perhaps you should consider importing MIDI instead of MusicXML?

If I remember correctly there is a problem with Sibelius’ built-in MusicXML export whereby lines (e.g. slurs, pedal lines, 8va lines) are only exported if they are attached to the instrument’s topmost staff. Pedal lines in Sibelius are typically attached to the second staff of a piano so they will often go missing. You may have better results exporting MusicXML using the Dolet for Sibelius plug-in, though that has its own quirks so it will depend on the material.

Yes, I see. I tried to convert text messages to pedal indication with a Bob Zawalich plugin, but the result is uncertain and incomplete, which is a worse remedy than the evil in this case. The problem with noon, on the other hand, is that the exported notation is unsatisfactory and poorly ordered. I will have to choose the slightest problem. Thank you.

Thank you, I’m looking at that.

Update: the result is really unreadable. My music is quite complex and it goes in all directions, with misinterpretations of the links, or wacky results. At least I tried.