I'm trying to uninstall VST Connect Pro 3

… but no luck.
Does anybody know how to uninstall VST Connect Pro 3 on Mac, Yosemite?
I’m getting an error message by eLicenser Control Centre app as can be seen on the screenshot.png


you need to remove the VST Connect PRO.vst3 plugin. It’s located here
/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Steinberg/VST Connect PRO/VST Connect PRO.vst3


Hi Michael,
Thank you. I did. However it is still the same. Cubase on opening gives an error message via eLicenser as can be seen on the attached screenshot.png
Any idea what/where else I need to delete? Or there’s only one way: To buy it?

A shot in the dark maybe, not a MAC user, just rarely.
On the PC and probably on the MAC… eLicense Control Center application
Apply the Maintenance function. Need to have Internet access for this to work.
There may be also a remove Licence function available.

Same here.

Guys, this thing looks like a release without any testing.

  1. I was pretty unimpressed with VST connect pro, since it crashed quite a few times on my machine.
  2. Also the lack of Midi TC to remote control a video on the talent’s side was disappointing. (But that’s a feature request) However, you cannot route Talkback to one channel only if you intend to use LTC as a compensation.
  3. The bug in the first versions that made it impossible to use with Nuendo
  4. Now I uninstalled and you still want me to click 3 nag screens when I start Nuendo?

This is by far the worst Steinberg experience I have had in quite a while…very unimpressive!

@3seas thanks;

I’ve tried everything I believe. It is IMPORTANT that there’s NO vst connect pro 3 in eLicenser AT ALL for me - just this error message witnessing that I used to have.

I have tried all the possible maintenance-like functionality provided inside eLicenser app on Mac but still I’ve got this error message. I wonder what else I should delete in order to finally get fully rid of vst connect pro 3.

I would much appreciate any kind of help here PLEASE because Steinberg must be very very busy because my first support request regarding of this issue was sent the 3d of March this year and still NO ANSWER and I feel I don’t really get any support from Steinberg this time.


sorry, I missed one part of the un-installation for VST Connect PRO 3 (Mac).

[a] Delete the folder /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Steinberg/VST Connect PRO
Delete the component /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components/vstconnectpro.bundle

Have a nice day,


Thank you so much. It worked. There’s no longer error message :slight_smile:

Have a great day,