I'm trying to update to version 9.5.50


Im on WL Pro version 9.5.35
I’m trying to update to version 9.5.50 but somehow I cant
I try to uninstall 9.5.35 using windows “Uninstall a program” option but I doesn’t work
see attached

Have anybody encounter the same problem

If you still have the 9.5.35 installer you could try installing it again, or you could run repair if that option is available in add/remove programs when you select Wavelab there. But if the package is bad… I don’t know. Get the full 9.5.15 installer from Steinberg Download Assistant?

You could also run the Microsoft install/uninstall troubleshooter if nothing helps:

I managed to uninstall version 9.5.35 from my pc.
After that I downloaded full version of WL Pro … And it worked - now I’m on 9.5.50

Thanks Bob

i dont know how to do it neither…