Im upgrading to Win7 64, should I go VSL Pro or CB64bit?

Ive read that many users have issues with bridging 32bit plugs into CB64bit. I am in desperate need of ram, so Im going to install more ram and step up to Win7 64bit. My question is: Should I buy and install Vienna Ensemble Pro and use it to run all my Kontakts and other vsti’s, while running Cubase 5 32bit. Or should I just run Cubase 5 64bit and buy Jbridge to continue using my 32bit plugins? Which option will have LESS headaches? Btw, I cant stand the new look of Cubase 6 edit window(waveforms), so I wont use it.


I’m using 32-bit Cubase and VSL Ensemble Pro. I don’t have to solve any issues with 64- or 32-bit. So this is the best solution in my opinion.


Ok. Just wondering if maybe I should buy another pc and keep my current rig at Xp 32bit. Then run Vep on the other pc at 64bit?

No, you can use the 32-bit Cubase and 64-bit Vep on the same computer.

Don’t use Cubase 6 on Windows XP, it is not supported. :wink:

This is my rig:

I7 930 o/c’d to 3.8ghz, 3 gigs Ram, XP Pro 32bit.
Can I change my Xp Pro to 64bit without having to reinstall everything? Changing my operating system and then having to reintall everything is what Im dreading. Which is why Im considering buying a 2nd pc and running all my 64bit vsti on it via LAN.

I would move to a new 64 bit PC, i72600 intel chip with 16 gig ram, that will run an amazing amount of plug ins, everything is moving to 64 bit ( its slow , but moving ) - I think you can run your 32 bit plug ins in 64 bit enviroment with 6.5…I ran BFD 2 - 32 bit with Cubase 6.0 64 bit and it worked fine - but, might want to ask S B - if all else fails run the second PC you have for 32 bit plug ins, you could use VST system link to lock the transports together ( but both Pcs need cubase or nuendo to do this )