I'm very excited after watching the new promo vid for Cubase Pro 9.5

Steiny has the the new promo vid for version 9.5 up on the main website at


Big congrats to the DEV team!!
Looks’ awesome!

I’m crying. She’s beautiful.

16 insert slots … cant believe its real since the time we askd for it

cant wait to try the “adapt to zoom” grid !!!

Looks so great. Hooray for Console 1 integration too! And so much more.
I just love Cubase.

The metronome now supports 6/8 (in 2 beat feeling), that’s cool. Marker tracks in the editors???

This almost feels like a full interval release rather than a .5. I must say that it looks very interesting - especially that they have finally listened to requests for bezier curves and more insert slots. I particularly like the movable divider line between pre and post inserts. I hope that some of the more annoying bugs have been sorted.

Dont tell em that they will charge us more, like a 9->10 instead of 9->9.5 … LOL

This looks like a seriously good update!

I’m curious whether 9.5 projects will load in older versions, due to the new bezier curve automation.

its often a problem in that way… not only for cubase or a 9.5.
compatibility is always from old to new, rarely from new to old (cause its obvious its not possible :wink: )

I’d expect the project to still load, but newer features used in that project will (obviously) be ignored by the older version - so it may be a simple case of rendering out to audio first, if for example, passing the project on to a colleague who hasn’t upgraded yet.

[EDIT] - just seen NoMad92 response too; agreed, but as I say I reckon the project should still open… :wink:

Not much left here to moan about then, Forum posts will decrease with 80% :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the update

You’d hope so @Raphie - but the big elephant in the room is still going to be the UI performance/experience on MAC systems. Its somewhat horrendous frankly, reading/looking at all the various YT vids posted by frustrated and unhappy (Cubendo) users…

(Oh, and my money’s ready for the upgrade, now.!)

yeah i believe the project will open, but have some bugs (everything that is from the new version).

9.5 projects load in older versions, but automation will only include the ‘main automation points’, disregarding the curves.
Attached a snap from a 9.5 project’s automation with curves and the same project opened in 9.0.


Hi Fabio, I have bashed steinberg for lack of listening, but I have to take my hat off to this update, a lot of user requests are here (I will always keep asking for more!!!)

I hope the GUI and performance issues have been looked upon, but on paper this seems like a very nice new version. I am very happy that this version is about the users and not a lot of new stuff!

congrats to you all!

how much more time you guys need this afternoon before opening shop?
Also do I understand it correct that softube console 1 will be a 9.5.x maintenance upgrade early next year, rather than working on the 9.5 launch version?

What will happen with plugs inserted on later slots (9-16) and the pre/post thing?

my guess discarded?!?

Makes sense…

And just another note on all this ‘backward compatibility’ stuff:-

As in the past, this upgrade should install (or, more correctly, you can choose to install it) alongside your existing edition of Cubase. You can continue to keep working in that edition, exactly as you have been - should you absolutely need to, for whatever reason.

So, think ahead. Finish existing projects in older version; start new projects in the newer edition (or, adjust that as you desire.!) :wink: