Image Construction Error after updating to 7.0.1

Hi guys,

ever since I updated to 7.0.1 I’ve gotten this “Image Construction Error” on every single wave file of my project.

Tried to search around for fixes but couldn’t find anything that would work.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Deleting all .peak files from ‘Images’ -folder of the project

Moving audio files from ‘Audio’ -folder to somewhere else so the program asks me to locate those. -> “Could not load audio file” (or something close to that)]

Closing the project, restarting machine etc. All the usual “try before posting to forum” -stuff

Anyways these files are not corrupt. At least I think so because those can be played with a press of a space bar in Finder (using OSX 10.7.5)

Didn’t have this problem before the update so I am now thinking of uninstalling Cubase and reinstalling 7.0 so I can finish the project.

Any other ideas / suggestions?

I thought to try and bounce the audio in its place, but that ended up into Cubase crashing.

After restarting Cubase it won’t do this ‘Bounce selection’ at all anymore.

And yet the audio is playing normally; even in Cubase.