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I tried to put an image on the place where normally a footnote is in a document. see the attachments. To make an image frame across the width of the page, I set the margins to zero, what you not want to do because than you also have to change the music frame. It is possible but the result is not 100% perfect. There is little white line visible under the image and on the right side. It is difficult to see. It is not possible to make the image frame bigger than the width of the page. So that the white line is not visible. Is there a better way to get an image as a footnote but than 100% perfect full on the width of the page without setting the margins to zero?

Honestly, I have difficulty with zero-margin documents in Dorico. I generally do this sort of extra material in InDesign.

EDITED to show quote

“…not want to do because than you also have to change the music frame.”

Images frames, as far as I know, do not interact with music frames. They are separate, and as such can even overlap, so I don’t know why you are not able to just draw out an image box wherever you want. See example.
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 3.29.03 PM.png

Another idea is that you could crop the original logo artwork so that there is no white showing on the bottom and right.

I think what the OP means is if you set margins to 0, you can’t allow the music frame to extend to the page edge as well.

I think that we should be permitted to extend beyond the margin boundaries when we add boxes manually in engrave mode.

My point is that the music frame can be set independently of the image frame. So I don’t see that they could possibly affect one another as suggested in the original post. Perhaps I am misunderstanding.

I didn’t get that from the OP. The problem is dorico is leaving what appears to be a 1px margin even when the frames are set to the edges of the page.

Dorico doesn’t have support for full-bleed layouts at the moment; I’m not sure whether or when we might add functionality like that. In the meantime, I would suggest that if you need true edge-to-edge printing including bleed, you will need to use another application, like InDesign, Affinity Publisher or Scribus.

Yes, That’s what I meant. Romanos is understanding me, I want with the image frame beyond the margin boundaries and edges of pages so that you don’t see the white 1px line. And without the margins set to zero, you can’t make a image frame to the edge of the page. So we need InDesign to get this right and that’s what I hoped that now you could do this with one programm. Text, image and music all in one. I don’t want to print this music, it’s coming online for primary school showing on a IWB.
Maybe in Dorico 4.0

thnx for support