Imaginary Path

Hello everyone,

Here is my new instrumental piece: Imaginary Path.

One evening in July 2020, I created this Cubase file containing 4 tracks in the end. A track from the Groove Agent plug-in with the Newnham Bridge preset from the Production Grooves library, the Groove 01 pattern.
A bass track with a very repetitive rhythmic pattern on two notes E and B.
A 4-bar piano chord riff and electric guitar improvisation that was greatly influenced and stimulated by the Default Preset of SB’s ModMachine plug-in.

Not quite sure what to do with it at the time, I saved it and about three weeks ago reopened that file and listened to its contents again. I thought it was cool and I decided to get involved and make a piece of it.

I kept all of the original guitar improvisation. I only used the first 8 bars of this improvisation to make it the main melody which is repeated twice at the beginning and at the end of the piece after the intro and before the outro.

Except for the improvisation, the majority of the content has recently been composed to get what you hear. So, I hope you enjoy it all.

Do not hesitate to make comments to me whether it is in relation to the mixing or otherwise.

Good listening!

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Listening it , while waking up. The music fits very well, it’s clean, instruments well placed, i particulary like the dialogue between the guitar and the horns. Efficient.
One small remark about the bass. On my phone, sounds little bit too weak.
Very well done, Rene. I like it.

Thanks Stephco,

I’m glad you like it. The two things that make me anxious when I’m finishing a mix are the bass and treble. I will have HS8 soon, hope this helps reduce my anxiety.

By the way, for the horns, what are you using ?

I recently changed my Impulse Novation MIDI controller to an NI Komplete Kontrol. I also bought Komplete 13. The Kontakt Session Horns library is included in it. I used Session Horns - Performance without the animator. I wrote my own voicings.

Stephco, I forgot to mention that I used an ‘‘AM Trumpet Filler’’ FX Chain Preset for the group insert. I only changed the EQ and compressor settings. I added some saturation and enlarged the panorama to 120%.

Thank you. Crystal clear

Hi Rene,
I really enjoyed this track. Lovely playing and a good mix. The bass came through nicely on my desktop. I always like a good bottom end.


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Hi Rene, I listened several times. What a great sound! To my ears, the high frequencies on the percussion could definitely come down. At least on my headphones, in the frequencies where my hearing is suspect! Let’s see if anybody else has the same reaction. Guitar tones are great!

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Thank you Jonathan and Early21!

I’m very glad you like the piece.
I find percussion like tambourine, Shaker and Hihat to be very difficult instruments to mix. At low volume, these are instruments that are barely heard and at high volume, they become too present. It’s not always easy to gauge. If you have some recommendations regarding the mixing of these instruments, I’m interested.