Imagine a service like Steam for VST plugins.

I built my new PC and I’ve now spent 8 hours re-installing stuff from scratch. Downloading installers from all different companies. Downloading installers. Etc. Luckily some companies like waves, steinberg, Plugin Alliance etc. Have their own download managers.

But JUST IMAGINE! A service like Steam for VST Plugins. We could call it “SYNTH” or something. All possible plugins ever created under one
service. Buy, licence, transfer etc from a single application. And it would even have your copy protection right there.

Built new PC? Just login to “Synth” and idownload and nstall all your plugins easily with few clicks.

Now I have:

Steinberg download assistant
Waves Central
Ilok Licence Manager
Nexus Cloud
Izotope Product Portal
Arturia whatever it was
Plugin Alliance Manager
Flux Center

This is nerve wrecking and super complicated.

I hope someday we could see a service like Steam for our music plugins.

Dude that would be insane honestly. I hate having to download loads of different applications just to run my shit. I reckon it’ll be splice. You can get so many plugins RTO on there now and it has a nice interface + it automatically backs up all your work.