IMidiMapping parameter being absorbed

I have an effect which has one of its parameters linked to CC-64 (pedal), by default (using IMidiMapping). It works fine, but it seems to absorb this pedal controller, so later effects in the chain don’t see it.

How do I stop this from happening? I want the effect to read the pedal, and allow later effects to also read it.

AFAIU, I shouldn’t re-emit MIDI legacy events because (aside from feeling like a grody hack), the link to CC-64 is only a default hinted by IMidiMapping. The user could configure this parameter to come from elsewhere, and I certainly don’t want to generate new MIDI events.


So if you do not use the IMidiMapping the plug-ins later in the chain get the sustain pedal? By the way, which host are you talking about.
The SDK does not dictate how the event flow is happening in the host.