Immerse virtual studio not Active Acount

I purchased the Immerse Virtual Studio product but when I received the activation code, I couldn’t register it to my Steinberg account. Is the code only for activation when using Immerse Virtual Studio?
And what if I forget this activation code?

Are you sure it isn’t a Download Access Code you received?

Edit: Yes, I suppose so. It’s not like other items.

I hope there will be a section to keep track of my purchases in my Steinberg account, or it could be linked to my Steinberg account for easier management. Otherwise, I may easily forget about this code.

I don’t know, but

  • save the code in a file?

  • Activate the software and have a look in your Steinberg Account

  • write to the creator of the plugin and ask them.

It’s a Steinberg product.

Save the e-mail received from the shop?

Well, SB sells it, but they don’t make it. Also, their activation method is not standard.

OK. But why?

no idea. It’s rather surprising actually.


Oh and I remember that it was the same mess with my Immerse with AmbiDecoder purchase.
A lifetime license that expires after 5 HRTF uploads?
That was strange. And I’m unable to use it for now.

Hm. You can’t use it?! Ouch. They must have some kind of different arrangement with SB compared to the standard licensing stuff, but that can’t be right - or shouldn’t be.

What I’m wondering @FXA2008, is if the license shows up in your SB account once you do activate it in the app?

It doesn’t show in MySteinberg. At least the Immerse doesn’t show up.

Try going here to see if you can register it-

Embody made this. They will be at the Yamaha booth demonstrating it.