Immerse virtual studio not Active Acount

I purchased the Immerse Virtual Studio product but when I received the activation code, I couldn’t register it to my Steinberg account. Is the code only for activation when using Immerse Virtual Studio?
And what if I forget this activation code?

Are you sure it isn’t a Download Access Code you received?

Edit: Yes, I suppose so. It’s not like other items.

I hope there will be a section to keep track of my purchases in my Steinberg account, or it could be linked to my Steinberg account for easier management. Otherwise, I may easily forget about this code.

I don’t know, but

  • save the code in a file?

  • Activate the software and have a look in your Steinberg Account

  • write to the creator of the plugin and ask them.

It’s a Steinberg product.

Save the e-mail received from the shop?

Well, SB sells it, but they don’t make it. Also, their activation method is not standard.

OK. But why?

no idea. It’s rather surprising actually.



Oh and I remember that it was the same mess with my Immerse with AmbiDecoder purchase.
A lifetime license that expires after 5 HRTF uploads?
That was strange. And I’m unable to use it for now.

Hm. You can’t use it?! Ouch. They must have some kind of different arrangement with SB compared to the standard licensing stuff, but that can’t be right - or shouldn’t be.

What I’m wondering @FXA2008, is if the license shows up in your SB account once you do activate it in the app?

It doesn’t show in MySteinberg. At least the Immerse doesn’t show up.

Try going here to see if you can register it-

Embody made this. They will be at the Yamaha booth demonstrating it.

Hi @steve,

I just had the same problem (Sept. 7, 2023).

sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any clear information by Steinberg about the path to activation of Embody’s Immerse Virtual Studio, or where and how to use the activation code which is being delivered with the Steinberg store purchase receipt (and which “looks” like a 32 digit (8 groups of 4) eLicenser code, but isn’t - as eLCC doesn’t recognize it). Embody also seem to make things a bit complicated, since the user would initially register an upload URL related to a Zendesk user support account, that doesn’t seem to match their website account system (if I’m not entirely mistaken, still need to check this again).

However, I’ve got that standalone program activated on my first machine.

So, this is how things should go:

  • purchase of “Immerse Virtual Studio” (“Signature Edition Studios - Mix And Master Bundle”) via the Steinberg store, a 32 digit activation code will be delivered via Steinberg’s purchase receipt (Browser, E-Mail)
  • download of the software via Steinberg Download Assistant (SDA)
  • installation of the software package - user will be prompted to add full name and E-Mail address (to be confirmed via said E-Mail address, by using a temporary six digit PIN code)
  • after data entry, user will be prompted to scan the QR code shown (via smartphone cam, smartphone browser needs cam permission)
  • after having created / uploaded / AI-analyzed one’s ear pictures, the program opens
  • the program is still in demo mode, but in the lower left zone of the program’s GUI there will be a tiny yellow warning button which disappears pretty fast, so one should click it immediately
  • a 32 digit key code input field opens, the activation code does fit in there
  • the program is now registered and activated (max. number of machines: 5)
  • (the user license seems to be restricted to 10 years, no info about this fact given by Steinberg, before purchase)

Hope this helps all those who might run into the same problem.

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It’s Jan. 20, 2024 now, and I am still having the same problem! Your advice didn’t work for me, unfortunately. :cry:
I bought the Immerse Virtual Studio on Dec. 29, couldn’t authorize it, then I fell ill and couldn’t mess with all that at that moment. Now I am back and totally bewildered at the situation, as

  1. both Steinberg and Embody sites don’t have my purchase listed, although the invoice is available on Steinberg’s;
  2. the Steinberg Download Manager rejects the code that I received from them after my payment, as it “belongs to unknown product”;
  3. the plugin sends me for authorization to Steinberg to “purchase” it;
  4. Steinberg’s link ‘Need help?’ from the confirmation email sends me to their Download Assistant, which
  5. rejects the code (abovementioned point 2 -??)
  6. the email support on Steinberg page says, “Make sure the product is registered in your MySteinberg account” (abovementioned point 1 -??), and
    7)“Please check whether your product is currently supported!” link on the same page is broken, too.
    :woozy_face: :exploding_head: :crazy_face: - Any comments?.. :tada: :balloon:
    I am sending 2 emails to both companies now. Thus, to be continued…

Hi @AllaL ,

first of all: welcome to the forum!

are you referring to Immerse Virtual Studio Signature Edition - Mix And Master Bundle?

It is not a Steinberg product!

Mix and Master Bundle – Embody

If you purchased it via Steinberg and were given the activation code, this 32-digit activation code which only looks like a Steinberg eLicenser activation code - but isn’t - needs to be used with the Immerse plug-in.

Not with Steinberg - neither in MySteinberg or eLicenser Control Center, nor in Steinberg Download Assistant!
So again, unless Embody’s support haven’t responded yet, please try and again go through all the steps that I’ve described. Since this is how it should work - it did so for me in Sept. 2023:

  • After downloading the software via Steinberg Download Assistant (no code entry needed!) and installation, and after entering your E-Mail address (plus PIN confirmation code via the same E-Mail) and then using the ear profiler application on your phone, Immerse Virtual Studio will start for the first time.

  • Then you should immediately choose one of the two studios (Lurssen or Meyerson) and look at the yellow “Trial” info zone.

  • You’ve got to react and click “Unlock Studio” - then a small pop-up window will open where you can enter the 32 digit activation code. Just wait for a moment, and the process should complete itself while the plug-in is contacting Embody’s server.
    Once you’ve completed this, your purchase with Embody (via Steinberg who in this case act as their sales partner / distributor) will be completed. You should now have 5 available machine activations (minus one, if you just completed that first activation cycle on your first machine).

Best wishes,
[- Screenshot 01 -]

[- Screenshot 02 -]

[- Screenshot 03 -}

Thanks, Markus! As it turned out, there was a mishap at the store with Immerse Virt. Studio and Immerse with AmbiDecoder orders during the winter holidays time, and I received a confirmation letter with mixed data, where both plugins’ names were present; the link for download was for the Virt. Studio, while the download access code for the one with AmbiDecoder, which I didn’t even noticed right away. No wonder I had to go through all the adventures with the authorization. Thanks to Steinberg people, we straightened everything out. :heart: Now I re-purchased the Studio, and the authorization was as smooth as can be. Thanks again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi again @AllaL,

you’re welcome!
And thanks a lot for telling how things really went - where and when the initial mishap had happened, and then how all of this got resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I think that the immerse Virtual Studio is a fantastic monitoring tool, very helpful. The other plug-in Immerse with VST AmbiDecoder will be next for me, I just don’t have any urgent use for it right now - but Ambisonics are a great invention anyway.

All the Best,