Implement Some Features And Requests!

I have a real bone to pick with Steinberg and the current release system.

Overall, I have been happy with the current update scheme. Because, again overall, it has resulted in a -much- more stable product than back in the day (ie. back before SX4-5 when they started revamping everything).

However (you knew there was a ‘however’ coming) what -really- GRINDS at me is the looooooooooong list of very tiny, but VERY useful FEATURE REQUESTS which have been around for over a DECADE–requests that have had literally -hundreds- of ‘asks’. Even if you didn’t see the post counter next to a user’s name, you’d know they were new here because you see them ask for the -same- darned things over and over and over shortly after they get Cubase.

These are NOT big, sexy things. They are -small- projects such as LOCK LOCATORS or COLOUR ENTIRE TRACK or TRIPLET GRID or minor tasks on the various Editors that are, nevertheless, -tremendous- time savers for power users.

Now, in the past, SB would tend to throw lots and lots of such improvements into each update. And it was a two-edged sword. It was yummy, for sure, but it also contributed to a lot of maintenance issues (bugs). OK, I -get- it, that was unsustainable. But the current state of affairs is now simply too DRACONIAN. Surely many of these tiny F/Rs -can- be done safely with -very- little manpower. There needs to be -some- middle ground.

So to my mind, the customer-friendly thing would be to go to the Feature Request list, pick just one or two POPULAR but small items (ie. not too labour intensive or risky to the project as a whole) and throw that into each new .0 build.

In short, the current policy of including NO new features (or at least none taken from the F/R forum) in .0 releases STINKS. And since the .1 or .5 releases tend to focus now on ‘sexy’ features like ‘sampler tracks’, this means that those small items we power users need simply LANGUISH FOREVER in the Feature Request forum. It’s a joke and a slap in the face.

I mean: why even -have- a ‘Feature Request’ forum if there is =never= a reasonable chance that anything good will ever come of it?

NOW NOTICE I WROTE ‘POPULAR’ ABOVE. I’ll see the odd ‘improvement’ in the update PDF. Fine. But whenever I read this I wonder exactly -who- these ‘improvements’ were made for? They almost -never- map to suggestions in the F/R Forum, so my -guess- is that they were ‘requested’ by bigshot users (Hans Zimmer, perhaps? :smiley:) or the b-testers. That ain’t exactly market-testing, guys.

My suggestion, would be tp give us power users what we want: the odd, -occasional- improvement to editing which -we- request here… the kinds of improvements that don’t make it into marketing adverts and just as importantly, make us feel a bit HEARD. There should be -some- reward for putting in almost two decades of loyal service (beyond ‘you got the product, didn’t you, sonny?’)

I don’t want to go back to the Dark Time of unstable releases. But I -do- want to find SOME way to get the backlog of tiny (but important) Feature Requests actually -done- before I’m too old to work a keyboard.


Well stated - all of it, not just the quoted extract above. To me the most frustrating thing is that requests that are just basic common sense, that are non-controversial and that would be easy to implement are rarely acknowledged in my experience. I’m talking about suggestions that clearly would make life easier for many users while being at worst neutral to all others. I’m talking about suggestions that anyone could see would improve efficiency in using Cubase … like I said, simple common sense good ideas.

Here’s just one very simple example of the kind of thing I’m talking about. Double click on many kinds of tracks and you get the editor for that kind of data. Double click on the tempo track and you get nothing. So, you must go to the keyboard to use a keyboard shortcut or you do multiple clicks with the mouse. More work, but why? We very well may be talking about nothing more than two or three lines of code in the entire product. Good idea, easy to deliver, would cause no problems for other users who didn’t want to do things that way - but, sadly, the answer will almost certainly be “no” (or actually, even more sadly, just silence from SB as if the request had never been made in the first place).


Every once in a while, someone asks me, “Do you -really- have an ‘Annual Request List’?”

I really do. It’s filled with literally dozens of things just like this. It ain’t that I’m ‘smart’. It’s like fishing. Any -idiot- who’s on the water long enough will stumble across the same common sense ideas. After enough years, ya see the same newbies ask for the same Eureka! things over and over… as if no one else thought of it! :smiley: Some of us are just too stupid/stubborn to know when to move on.

I’m with you @suntower - there are dozens upon dozens of little ‘things’ that you’d think could be implemented relatively easily; yet, release after release, they aren’t… time/resources, is the mantra of course, which I understand… Doesn’t stop one hoping/dreaming/believing/asking… :wink:

The Cubase 8 ‘Feature Requests’ pages ran to over a couple of thousand topics (22 pages); already we are at nearly 600 topics and 6 pages with C9. Lots and lots of great ideas out there.!

My fave compilation mind, is from tim_heinrich; I’d love a big chunk of these to be tackled please…
part1 - YouTube
part2 - YouTube
part3 - YouTube

Chin up.!

The point I’m trying to make is that ALMOST NONE of the Feature Requests people make here EVER get implemented. I mean like ALMOST NONE. Even though the same Feature Requests get made OVER AND OVER.

And that seriously begs the question: WHY THE FRICK EVEN -HAVE- A FEATURE REQUEST FORUM?