Implementing Jupiter-X as multitimbral Synth into Cubase Pro

I want to implement my Jupiter-X (my only HW synth) as a multitimbral synth (it has 5 MIDI channels; 4 synths + 1 drums) using the “Instrument Track” function.
Sure, in Cubase I can create 5 MIDI tracks, and record audio track by track from the Jupiter-X, but perhaps using the “Instrument Track” function is a more preferred way.

So, I have created an External Instrument, selected the Correct audio connections, and also created a related MIDI device. So far so good.

This works perfectly for the selected track at a given time.
My question is, what extra tracks do I need to create for the remaining 4 MIDI channels?
MIDI tracks or?
Or how do I record/play all the 5 MIDI channels at the same time?
Or do I have to create 4 more Jupiter-X External Instruments?

Having (partially) tested it, it seems that an instrument track + 4 added MIDI tracks combination works, each of the latters using a different MIDI channel.

But I would never use an instrument track for this : I hava always used instrument racks for my HW synths, which are all mulittimbral. In your case, it would be one instrument rack + 5 MIDI tracks.

OK, I understand, ±.
So how shall I set up the External Instruments in this case?
Do I need to set up for it the Return bus, and MIDI device?
I guess yess, but could you please confirm?

The topmost track is the Instrument track (I named it Jupiter but my device is actually a JV-1080/2080).
The 4 tracks below are MIDI tracks that I created afterwards by simply double-clicking into the empty track list. This way they get connected to the Instrument track and their MIDI channel is raised by one.
You see that I playback something on channel 5 but the sound is actually coming through the audio channel of the Instrument track.

Unlike @cubic13 I would recommend to use Instrument tracks rather than racks as they have one or two advantages. E.g. if you have a patch list for your External Instrument you can chose the patches from the Inspector. But that is your choice entirely.

That’s the case also when using instrument racks, provided that you already defined such a programs list with the MIDI Device Manager :

What I have always done until now is, for any external instrument, add a related instrument rack, which will appear in the VST Instruments folder. In any case, yes, you’ll have to set the return bus (in the Audio Connections > External Instruments panel), as well as the associated MIDI device, but you already did that, according to your first post, so it’s no longer an issue.

After this, Cubase asks you if you want to add a related MIDI track for the instrument rack created, during the process : do so. You can always add additional MIDI tracks in a later stage, each having its own MIDI channel.

IMO, it gives a much clearer view of what is happening, especially in a multitimbral context. But to each his/her own…

Thanks. I could replicate what you say, and it works.
So far so good.

I can render the 1st track=Instrument track, but cannot render the other 4 MIDI tracks.
If I click on the MIDI clip on the Intrument track, a Audio file is created, fantastic.
But I I click on the MIDI recordings on channels 2-5, and asking for rendering, nothing happens.

Any suggestion?

Ahh, that means I have to define 5 MIDI channel in the Jupiter-X MIDI Device Manager?
Or anything else?

Try Audio Mixdown instead of Render in Place. It should export in real time.

OK, please have a look, this is what I have now.

The selected MIDI recording, right?

Boht solutions will yield the same result. The Rack version is the old school method of Cubase, while the Instrument Track version is the more up to date one.

OK, so, in fact I do not need to edit Jupiter-X in the Device Manager, if I go with the Instrument Track + 4 MIDI channel method. Correct?

You’ve never done a mixdown?
Set the Locators to mark beginning and end of the files.
Mute all tracks that are not supposed to be heard.
If your Jupiter has only a stereo audio output and if you want to have each channel seperate from the others, you’ll need to do 5 recordings one after the other.

You do not need to change the device for either solution.

Hmmm…yes, many times,but for the last 10 years or so I have used other DAW.
And now I am revisiting my old Cubase recordings, and those years I had the jv1080 (sold) and now i have the jupiter-x, so can recreate those compositions…
Yes, I know, I have to do the tracks separately :slight_smile:

OK, clear, thanks!

The Audio output of my Jupiter-X is connected to my RME Analog in 1&2.
I send MIDI to the Jupiter-X from my RME, there is no MIDI coming back from the Jupiter-X to my Cubase.

I edit the Scenes (multi) on my Jupiter either on it directly or via a quite nice editor (separate laptop connected to it via it’s USB).

Well, but if the 1st track = Instrument tack has MIDI notes, and let say you like to mix down ONLY track 5, the 1st track has to be ON also (otherwise you cannot mix down), the 1st track will be mixed down together with track5.
Or, am I wrong?

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Good point. Maybe the Rack version does work better than the Instrument Track thingy.
This is what it looks like with a Rack, you load the External Instrument into the Rack:

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