import 44.1->48 wrong convertion<< musical is imposed

If I import tracks in 24bits/44.1kHz at the frequency of my project : 48kHz the files are not at the good tempo
I did it again and again and I have to admit that it seems like there is an issue. (elastic audio is the method checked in my preferences).

ok I have understood !

Actually ‘musical mode’ is the default mode for the audio files. But there is an issue :
even I choose ‘linear time’ or ‘default rules’ in preferences and apply them
it’s always the ‘musical’ mode which is applied at the import.

When you Import them is Cubase asking if you want to convert to project sample rate. If not, are you sure they haven’t just imported as original?

the timestretch algorithm has nothing to do with the samplerate conversion on import. If the files are too fast, you haven´t converted them to the correct project samplerate.

“Musical mode” and “track timebase” are two different things.