Import a media project in cubase 13 dont work

I want to import a media project to cubase to prepare.

export the song to a media project in VL
import this project in Cubase but nothing happens:

all files are in the right folders

what i’m doing wrong

… I did a check and there are no problems. So I guess there is “something” inside your project which troubles the Importer. Do you think it is possible that we get access to your exported Media Project? PM?

Thank you,

here’s the project:
media project

Andi :smiley:

… thank you, @BlazingBlazer! It’s fixed now and will be added to the next update. The Cubase Importer ignored VST Live folder tracks.

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I do see the tracks now, but all the audio files are empty :man_shrugging:


Hi @BlazingBlazer,

sorry, another missing piece in the puzzle. It’s fixed now. If you need a workaround until the next Pre-Release, here it is.

Let’s assume your audio files of your VST Live project are located here
Folder_A : C:/Users/UserName/Documents/VSTLive/projects/audio

Before you are importing the Media Project to Cubase, rename the Folder_A temporarily. Now, all audio files should be available in your Cubase Project. Save the project and close Cubase. Rename Folder_A to the original one. Done.

Next Pre-Release will have the fix. Please let us know if it is working,

While we are talking about export to cubase, is there a way to export from VST Live to Cubase 13 an entire project?

Let’s say i made an entire gig recording me and bandmates in multitrack. Now i have the entire concert recorded in vst live and i want to export it quickly to cubase. A reverse process like the one importing to vst and having arranger track separate the songs. I would like to :

  • export to cubase the whole project, selecting track types (excluding video dmx lyrics etc)
  • make arranger track from different songs (or parts even)
  • make tempo and signature track in cubase changes for every song (obviously also the inside song changes)

Is it possible or should i stick with exporting to cubase 1 song a t time ?

Ciao! Ciro.