Import a project as an audio segment

To make it possible to import a project (“Project B”) into your current project (“Project A”) as if it were an audio segment (this audio segment is an audio mixdown of the Project B between the markers L and R, or an especific region). The most wonderful feature is: if you double-click on that segment imported into the Project A, the Project B will open, you can make changes on it, and when you save or close the Project B, the changes you have made will be reflected in the new mixdown (audio segment in the Project A) automatically updated.

Great!!! :smiley:

I requested this just a few days ago :slight_smile:

Then googled a bit if this existed and found this function in Reaper. Give it a looksy. It’s called sub-projects.

I always thought about Reaper being this free open-source style audio editor for programmers and tinkerers. Much like Audacity, which I hate. But boy, this software came a long way. It’s of course, no longer free, but most of the features I asked about here can be found in Reaper. Movable Fades, Clip FX, Subprojects. Then I wanted to know if featurs I love from Nuendo were there, too. Media Bay, batch render multiple markers out to files and name them, naming conventions, surround setups, Macros, VCAs that actually work, dockable windows and solid window management that actually works, savable window layouts that actually work :wink: … all there. I only hate the design, native plugins look soooo dead ugly. But I hear more and more people, sound designers, musicians etc. switch over to it because it’s apparently so flexible. Depending on how much you want this feature, you might consider a look at the other side of the fence, where the pastures are always greener :wink:

Of course, there are also crucial things missing. AAF being one of the really painful ones.

That would be like bins in video edit software. A very cool feature indeed, yet I see how this would be very difficult to implement in real time critical applications like a daw.
It would be cool, though.

Yes! but if these function have a non real time mode, like “freeze” or a simple “export audio”: I would be more than satisfied

Thanks Oliver!!