Import and save PTX project

I bought several of Alan Parsons Session files, which apparently cannot be imported into Cubase (WHY???). So I imported just the audio files, did a lot of work on them and would like to save everything including the audio. HOW CAN I SAVE A PROJECT INCLUDING AUDIO? When I save the project, all I get is the CPR fil without audio. Can somebody explain to me what is necessary to just save my entire project?

Even when I try saving the whole thing as OMF, Cubase issues an error messge that OMF is limited to 2GB and GETS STUCK!!? So the entire project is LOST???

I`m so upset right now after hours of work everything seems to be lost!

Please help!

It would depend on what the session files format is. I’m assuming it isn’t the same as Cubase uses so that will be why it can’t be imported.

The .cpr file is just part of a project and does not contain any audio. The audio files are another part. When you create a project and import audio files it gives you the option to copy them to the project folder. If you did t do this then you can move them to the project folder into the audio folder. When you try to open the project you can then point to the folder and save again. A project is all that is in the project folder. You should aim to have everything in this folder.

Another way is backing up the project and this will put all the audio into the new folder you specify.

Thank you kindly for your response!

The PTX format is the Pro Tools format, a standard in the recording industry and therefore for me hard to believe that this cannot be imported.

I don’t remember any option to copy the audio files into the project folder when I imported them. And I also cannot see such option when doing it again. Can you please link me to an example?

When I just copy audio files into the project folder – how would they relate to the project and how does the project know to access those files?

And what about loosing all my work when trying to export it as OMF?

As far as I know, Reaper Commercial is the only DAW, other than Pro Tools, that can import a PTX file directly. I believe there is a converter program available for Logic that can convert PTX files for import, and I think there is something similar for SO.
The PTX format is both proprietary and specific to the coding of Pro Tools. It’s not a generic format like an mp3 or AIFF or OMF file. In fact, that’s why the OMF format exists - to exchange projects between DAW’s. Mr. Parsons and company would have been smarter to at least provide an OMF in addition to the PTX if they wanted their product to have broader appeal.

True! Parsons arrogantly assumes everybody uses ProTools. Still, there should be an import or conversion option for Cubase!

That would be helpful.

Is there one in pro tools to import Cubase projects?

If you use the import menu in Cubase to bring in audio files then it will ask if you want to put in the project folder. I’m not near my computer but the options are in the far left menu as is the backup project options.

This needs to be configured in Preferences. By default it is set to prompt during the Import to ask if the audio files should be copied to the Project Folder and also to convert the audio settings. Like this

But you can also set the preferences to not prompt during Import and instead do the same thing every time which I suspect is how it is configured for @Stvdio

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