Import Audio CD - Internet Connection Error

When I open the “Import Audio CD” dialog and a CD is loaded up, I get the error message:

“A problem with your internet connection occurred. The track info could not be updated.”

The computer is connected to the internet. Any idea why I get this error when WL tries to access FreeDB?

-bob weston

I think that this service (FreeDB) was shuttered a while back … hence the error. and its services was scheduled to be shut down on March 31 of 2020 so they are no longer on the WWW. FWIW

Maybe WL can look somewhere else, now? Gracenote?


Years ago I requested that WaveLab add the ability to submit masters to Gracenote as well but it seems that Gracenote licensing is fairly expensive unless you’re a big company like Apple.

Maybe things have changed but Gracenote integration in both directions only makes sense for a mastering DAW.

Gracenote integration makes no sense since it is limited to it’s owners rules… and these are very restrictiv

I remember that PG mentioned the integration of a different service, but don’t know if it’s done yet… has re-emerged as which I have configured in the CD ripping program I use.


On new forum: CD import: going away soon [now gone!]

I’ve just seen that also mentioned in the German forum. In Mp3Tag replace with

Titelimport CD über FreeDB klappt nicht - #3 by Marius_Torka - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums (German)

Also how to: (English)

In Mp3Tag replace with

Seems to work with WaveLab. If confirmed, I will add this to 10.0.60 does indeed appear to work with WaveLab.

As a workaround, and as proof that it does work, you could configure your local network’s DNS so that the name resolves to the IP address of

On Windows for example, look up the current IP address of
C:> nslookup
Non-authoritative answer:

… then add the following line to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts:

Yeah, I configured my local DNS server to resolve freedb to gnudb, so Wavelab (any other software) connect to that one automatically. Works like a charm.

This is now working again (with in WaveLab 10.0.60 so the workaround is no longer necessary. Merci Philippe!

Merci Philippe ! :smiley: