Import Audio File Split Custom Names

I need to import a lot of audio files & split them into L & R as I import them. I need to rename them with the same track names - Click for left & Track for right. The import options when splitting a file have a fixed set of naming options. Is there anyway to add to the naming options in that list?



I’m sorry, this is not possible.

Could you use the Project Logical Editor to rename them after import?

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Thank you for letting me know. I was hoping there might be some XML file some where that I could rejig, but I can see how those options might need to be integrated with code to do what they do already. Worth at least asking though!

I will have a look at that to see if it can help. Thanks for the suggestion.

And that is precisely what I did…first time I have ever used that function, but I think it might not be the last.

For anyone wondering, I created 2 processes, & called one process as a post-process in the other, so I just call one process once & it renames & colours the tracks that were imported based on the file naming system the track file names used (they contained “—”) and whether the import split hade suffixed “_L” or “_R” in the track name. Works a treat.

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Great! Glad you found a working solution.