Import Audio file with the same name but different Location

This is an old bug (according to this post since v5 ?? :flushed: )

So If you try to import a file where there is an idenitcally named file already in the pool, it just doesn’t import it and instead sticks the old one on the timeline you are trying to place it.

  1. Create empty project.
  2. Import any (10 sec or more) long wav file into it.
  3. Crop it to 1-2 sec
  4. Backup this project to the new location
  5. Close the current project and open project in the backup folder
  6. Try to insert the same long file into this backup project
    You get that 1-2 sec pool audio, not that long source file.

No import dialogs no warnings, nothing! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: