Import audio files with timecode stamps

Is there a way to import multiple audio files at once and be able to provide timecode info (either in audio file or in an xml file)

I hope this is what you’re trying to achieve:
After you’ve imported your audio files into the Pool, you can switch on the “Origin Time”-column in the Pools’ View/Attributes list, where you can view the files’ time-stamps. I think only (B)WAV’s can contain timestamp-metadata?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Yes, agree
I currently do it with audio stems exported from digital performer. Configure a Nuendo project with same video specs (fps and length), Import audio files (BAW format with time code metadata stamped) to Nuendo Pool. Proceed to insert them in the Nu project with origin time option. Some tips: with music stems import original tempo track. Don’t forget set the audio tracks in time lineal mode. As usually a 2 pop synch is very recommendable