import audio from film = wrong rate


i never had this problem but this production just sent me 2 films .mp4 and each time i import them or import audio from video file i end up with audio that is played 2x speed…
when i check VLC codec audio is 48k 32bit (why 32… is that a reason… should not be)
if i use dbPoweramp the conversion is ok but i get a mono file althou i didn’t set anything to change the channels in dbPoweramp.
ever had that ?

For more accurate media file information I’d use MediaInfo instead. Switch to Text mode (bottom button on the left) and see what it says about the mp4s. VLC says 32-bit for compressed codecs a lot, not sure why. It’s more than likely 16.

The 2X playback however, did you maybe change your project to 96KHz after import and choose not to convert the existing files?

Thx for answer i will check that.
No session speed has never changed.