Import - Audio from Videofile - BUG!

Cubase 13 Pro does not import music from .mp4 files! I tested several files. There were no error messages whatsoever. Cubase just doesn’t do anything! I tested the same files in Cubase 12 Pro and was able to import the audio track without any problems. There is likely to be a bug in Cubase 13 Pro.


I have tried with a MOV file and it works for me here.

Do you have an optino to try with other video file type, please?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version? Could you provide more details about the video (the codec of the picture, the audio settings)?

I am on Windows 11 Pro, and as I say, Cubase Pro 12 can process my .mp4 files perfect. Cubase 13 Pro does not even load these files and there is no error message. The Videofiles are made with an iPhone 13.

Same by me. In Cubase 12 it works without problems - the same video in C13 no chance to import the video Win/Mac
And extract Audio from Video doesn’t work too

There is a very useful tool called MediaInfo which can be used to determine exactly the format of any media file. You could use this to find out what is really in the MP4 “container”, and post the information here.


Could you share the video file (just 1 second), to be able to test it art my system, please?

Here I send you the MediaInfo from one of the files that Cubase 13 Pro is not able to import. Hope that helps.

Same here! Cubase 13 doesn’t do anything when importing audio from an mp4 file

I believe Cubase has a problem reading .mp4 files that have a variable framerate. To fix this issue I use a small video convertion software tool called handbrake, where I just keep all the settings the same but select the “constnat framerate” tick box when converting. Cubase can import those .mp4 no problem.

Yes, I mentioned this problem months ago but unfortunately there was no fix for this in the March Update for cubase. In my eyes this is a serious technical problem but it seem´s that not to much cubase users use this feature at all.

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Thanks for the tip Jamie K , I have downloaded and installed Handbrake. It works, but WOW, took 10 minutes to convert a small 2 minute file.
See attached screen pic.

So much for buying a $2000 Iphone pro max and importing videos from it into Cubase Pro 13.

We need a fix for this yesterday !

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