Import Audio Issue


A friend of mine has an issue where a drive was given to him with audio reels. With Nuendo 5 and 6 he gets a crash in a new project when attempting to import them. This is true on multiple Mac OS systems at his home. He sent me one of them but in Windows 7 I had no issue. I immediately thought permissions.
He said the files open in PT but not Nuendo so I assume it can’t be a permissions issue. I don’t what else to look to other than some missing subchunk in the wave file.

Can anyone lend some insight?


You could try to open them with BWF MetaEdit and see if they are conform to Microsoft and EBU requirements.

Are they using the RF64 extension ? What’s their size ? What kind of formating on the drive ?

You could try as well to copy them to a different drive, and see if they do open without crash.

Seconding that line of investigation.


HFS+ with journaling. I have got the hard drive and can confirm with MacDrive on a PC the issue is not present but the same files on OS X do kill Nuendo. I have a crash report here! The file size isn’t abnormal. 2 channel stereo WAV files so nothing really out of the ordinary there. Pastebin seems to be down. It kind of looks like either a bug or bad memory?

Process:         Nuendo 6 [677]
Path:            /Applications/Nuendo 6
Identifier:      com.steinberg.nuendo
Version: (
Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
Parent Process:  launchd [107]

Date/Time:       2014-02-27 13:11:35.549 -0500
OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
Report Version:  6

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000a00000010
Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:


Here are the files as seen by the utility posted. They don’t have any visible errors in them. Should I send a copy?


  • FileName,FileSize,Format,CodecID,Channels,SampleRate,BitRate,BitPerSample,Duration,UnsupportedChunks,bext,INFO,XMP,aXML,iXML,MD5Stored,MD5Generated,Errors,Information
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_1.WAV”,44075790,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:02:33.019,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,17B3A8775E7E791927D61469B0F16F52,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_10.WAV”,78036168,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:04:30.937,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,9552129CA4F929C39CBC72E8B8DA8E64,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_2.WAV”,36003738,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:02:04.991,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,B5CE6CB8BE08CC72164DA53EE3E6072A,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_3.WAV”,48688428,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:02:49.035,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,85878F263B27B3A27770D7C9DED3AE72,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_4.WAV”,52128666,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:03:00.980,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,0B3DD4B561C3E5CE58EBE52CDA7F07BD,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_5.WAV”,12095028,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:00:41.975,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,A1AD8698BC03FCDA465B801BC1030BA7,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_6.WAV”,43787526,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:02:32.018,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,76ABA313D46ECC26F5CF655EE0C55516,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_7.WAV”,21608520,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:01:15.008,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,F386E53AE37D806515CC2FE531F78C81,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_8.WAV”,43210944,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:02:30.016,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,9ACE69FB1B591F8041E376896574123C,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”
    “H:\africa ambience\bukima, nov 14\jungle_Bukima_9.WAV”,67388724,Wave,0001,2,48000,2304000,24,00:03:53.967,Version 1,No,No,No,Yes,717CF51145F04DDFDA15688441E233AF,“MD5, no existing MD5 chunk”